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Connected Manufacturing | MedTech 4.0

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To this day, many Medical Device manufacturers are still operating on paper…

Is your business one of them?

We’re excited to share this exclusive e-book created for Seabrook Technology Group, one of our valued partners at the Virtual American Medical Device Summit!

In this e-book, we examine the value of Connected Manufacturing for Medtech 4.0.

Here’s a key excerpt from our interview with Seabrook:

Welcome to Connected Manufacturing.

Connected Manufacturing is not just a “product” or “service”, but a strategy that eliminates the shoehorning of new functionality into legacy systems. Additionally, connected manufacturing enables the “best of breed” approach that optimizes operations, enhances user experience, and maximizes value returned to the organization.

We invite you to access the full e-book here.

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Examining Long-Term Storage Requirements & Needs of Biologicals

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As we ramp up for the 2020 American Biomanufacturing Summit, we’re excited to share this exclusive e-book created for PHC Corporation of North America, one of our Silver Partners. In this e-book, we examine the long-term storage requirements and needs of biologicals.

Here’s a key excerpt from our interview with PHC Corporation of North America:

“As cell-based therapies and pharmaceuticals continue to proliferate in the market, the demand for precision cold storage will be vital to maintain medicinal efficacy and research sample viability.

PHCbi refrigerators, freezers, and cryogenic products represent over fifty years of engineering excellence in temperature-controlled products. From the refrigeration platform to the control center and cabinet configuration, each model was purpose-built for the safety and viability of high-value pharmaceuticals and biologics.”

Check out the full e-book here.

Don’t miss out on PHCbi’s roundtable discussion at the American Biomanufacturing Summit (July 22nd @1:10PM EST) led by Carl Radosevich, Senior Manager of Scientific Applications and Collaborations. You can click here to view the full program.

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Supply Chain Visibility: Greater Transparency and Flexibility through the Digitization of Logistics

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Supply chain visibility is all about knowing where inventory is at any particular time and how well products in transit can be traced from the manufacturer to their final destination. Its significance can be appreciated when it is removed from the equation. Imagine a supply chain without a network of shared information. We would be blind. The further we can see into the supply chain, the greater our ability to make the right decision.

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With over 80 years of experience, UQUIFA’s business model is based on a combination of a quality manufacturing platform and a track record of service and reliability. They have four manufacturing sites (two in Spain, one in Hungary and one in Mexico) with strict adherence to all regulatory norms. These sites operate under cGMP conditions and have been inspected and approved by leading global pharmaceutical companies and regulatory authorities, including the USFDA.

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The Impact of AI on the Automotive Sector

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From robots on the factory floor to autonomous cars on the road, AI is transforming the automotive sector.

The new technology has plenty of room to expand, increasing efficiency, productivity, and safety throughout the process of automotive manufacturing. In the next five years, AI is expected to completely revolutionize the industry.

“I think much of AI in manufacturing has been limited to predictive maintenance and in the next five years, there will be a much wider set of use-cases of AI in manufacturing as its value is better understood,” Frans Cronje, CEO of DataProphet, told Generis Group.

Ahead of the American Automotive Summit, we spoke with Frans to discuss the impact of AI on the automotive industry, what steps manufacturers need to take to leverage the technology, and what the future of AI looks like.

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Quality Maturity for Life Sciences: Q&A with IQVIA

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With pressures to drive down costs, remain compliant, and improve innovation and the safety of products, manufacturers across all industries are increasing their focus on quality management. Executives are relying on a variety of resources — across people, processes, and technology — to progress forward and achieve process excellence. But before a company begins an initiative related to improving quality maturity, it’s important to understand the various phases of maturity and to define objectives for how to advance maturity from one phase to the next.

Ahead of the American Medical Device Summit, we spoke with Roxane Napoli, Associate Director of Product Marketing at IQVIA Quality Compliance, to discuss how organizations within the medical device space can progress forward and improve their quality management capabilities.

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American Pharma Outsourcing Summit Gathers Top Industry Executives to Discuss Strategy and Innovation, Outsourcing Management, and Procurement

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From September 23-24, pharmaceutical executives are meeting in Philadelphia to discuss current trends, strategic insights, and best practices in manufacturing, outsourcing, capacity management, quality assurance, quality control, regulatory compliance, operational excellence, supply chain, and logistics.

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