Cost-Effective Range of 48-Hour Pre-Qualified Temperature Controlled Shippers

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Using just three types of refrigerants and four shippers to create 12 solutions, the Certis® 2-Day Platform maximizes the number of solutions while minimizing the number of components. The new platform is sized to accommodate 7, 13, 27 and 56 liters of product. Each of the new solutions feature a year round pack-out designed for use in both hot and cold seasons. To learn more about qualified temperature controlled shippers, check out this article by Sonoco!

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Optimizing Temperature Control for Biopharmaceuticals

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This article first appeared in BioPharm International, October 1, Caroline Hroncich Today pharma companies are faced with an ever-changing market that includes increased regulatory challenges, globalization, and heightened competition (1). Biopharma companies are rapidly expanding into emerging markets where there are new opportunities for drug development. Conversely, logistics companies must keep up with the demand, ensuring all storage technology is equipped to retain the safety and efficacy of a drug by the time it reaches the end of its journey. This article by World Courier delves into these relevant industry topics: Common considerations for shipping biopharmaceuticals; Temperature management in extreme climates; Recent advancements; and Looking ahead. Learn more about optimizing temperature control for biopharmaceuticals in the article below!  

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eBook: Traceability Optimization for Medical Device Developers

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Regulatory bodies such as the FDA require medical device manufacturers to document and track huge amounts of information to ensure device safety and demonstrate that safety in the event of an audit. Given the volume and complexity of information to be tracked, many medical device developers struggle with traceability. We sat down with Seapine Software to better understand the challenges medical device developers face, and how they can be overcome. Check out the Traceability Optimization eBook below! eBook, Traceability Optimization for Medical Device Developers  

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Best Practices for Medical Device Development

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Medical device developers must take into account numerous safety, quality and risk factors to ensure the durability and safety of their devices. Developers must also adhere to strict risk management processes and life cycle requirements that may vary regionally. Our friends at Seapine Software have generated the whitepaper below to help developers navigate this shifting terrain and understand the best practices for exposing risk throughout the product development life cycle.   Exposing Risk Throughout Your Product Development Lifecycle Hear more from Seapine Software by joining the discussion at the American Medical Device Summit 2016!

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