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Q&A with Viva IML Tubes

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Prior to the American Packaging Summit 2019, we spoke with Viva IML Tubes to address sustainability, new packaging technologies, and Viva IML Tube’s expertise. In this Q&A, we discuss what sustainability trends are reshaping the packaging industry, how new technologies and materials have enhanced the customer experience, and why customers choose to work with Viva IML Tubes. This is an excerpt from the Q&A we did with Viva IML Tubes: “Sustainability is at the forefront of many companies. How does Viva IML Tubes align with customers’ strategic initiatives to achieve sustainability goals for the future? We believe in uncompromised beauty and quality combined with the best sustainability solution available. Every tube that Viva makes has a terrific sustainability story. And we have some new developments with FDA certified PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic that takes the sustainability story even further. Viva produces tubes by injection molding, with in-mold label decoration. The manufacturing method yields significantly lower GHG emissions and has a lower environmental impact – about 25% to 35% less than industry standard tubes (verified by independent Life Cycle Analysis). Viva’s tubes are the only package in the industry that are single-category. Each component of Viva’s tube (label, tube and cap) is made of polypropylene (Category 5 plastic). Polypropylene is the fastest growing category of plastic being recycled and is accepted as a significant majority of recyclers in North America today. All of Viva’s tubes are recyclable and require no disassembly. …

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Campbell Soup’s Acquisition of Snyder’s-Lance to Boost Snack Division

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Exciting news from one of our thought leaders: This past December, Campbell Soup announced its intention to acquire snacks company Snyder’s-Lance. This will add Snyder’s brands including Kettle, Cape Cod, Late July, and Emerald nuts to the Campbells’ snack lineup, which already includes well-known household brands, most notably the Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies and Goldfish crackers. Analysts say this represents a shift in the company’s “center of gravity” from its core soup business to snacks. The acquisition will bring the proportion of Campbell’s revenue from snacks up to 46% from 31% of sales in 2017.

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