4 Essential Ingredients that Go Into Successful IoT Asset Tracking and Workflow Optimization Solutions

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Do any of the following statements describe your situation? I don’t have a way to efficiently orchestrate our complex workflows of materials, tools, and people I can’t track the location or condition of my assets, or prevent them from getting lost or stolen I have no idea how to leverage our partner relationships and tie into their inventory systems I don’t have a good way of keeping my operational costs in check Many enterprises have implemented IoT solutions simply for technology’s sake and, after the novelty wore off, operators were left with yet one more system to learn, maintain, and pay off. Many of these solutions added unnecessary operational complexity that forced enterprises to shift focus from their core competencies. Choose an IoT tracking and workflow optimization solution that incorporates the following 4 essential ingredients: Robust and battle-tested tech; True cross-boundary asset and workflow management; Industry-centricity engineered into the solution; A goal-driven approach. Read more, via Cloudleaf: http://bit.ly/2p8xDDi

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