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Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

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Q&A with Librestream Dan Flynn has 20 years of experience in sales and business development at companies ranging from early stage high growth to global corporations. At Librestream, Dan is responsible for North American Sales. His experience includes Networking, Security, Hosting, Video, Enterprise and SaaS software platforms, and Big Data. In March 2019, Dan will join industry leaders at the American Manufacturing Summit to discuss the impact of market dynamics and new technologies for current and future manufacturing, operations and supply chain leaders. Drawing from his own expertise, Dan will lead a Lunch & Learn session on “Digitize Your Workers’ Day with Augmented Reality and Wearables: Deployment Examples and Business Outcomes”. His session will cover the benefits of digitization and augmented reality (AR), the different types of wearables available to manufacturers and the outcomes of implementing AR into an organization. This is an excerpt from the Q&A with Dan Flynn: “What are the main drivers for organizations deploying augmented reality? When it comes to organizations investing in digital transformation technologies like augmented reality (AR), there are three main trends we are seeing in the manufacturing market. The first trend focuses on the digital ecosystem of smart factories. Nowadays, factories are well equipped with better wireless coverage and many organizations have the devices needed, such as smartphones and wearables, to start deploying AR. The second factor is the shift in service demands. This, in turn, puts more demand on the manufacturing …

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