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IBM: Be ready for Industry 4.0 with Cognitive Manufacturing

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Is your business ready for industry 4.0? Automation and the need for an exchange and flow of data to create meaningful insights is growing, and with it is the need for businesses to prepare themselves for Industry 4.0. Cognitive manufacturing can help prepare manufacturers with Industry 4.0, as it can be used to bring insight across the entire value chain by connecting data points across systems, equipments and processes. It can help businesses “gain the visibility, flexibility and agility to grow, evolve and succeed in the digital age.” Cognitive manufacturing allows leaders to see the greater picture developed by data collected in real-time. Decision makers can then make choices based on the facts and data presented to them in a timely manner, find areas of weaknesses and opportunities to improve in the supply chain. Learn how Cognitive Manufacturing can help your business get ready for Industry 4.0 in IBM’s ebook:!

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