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Process Based Leadership

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Prior to the American Manufacturing Summit 2019, we spoke with Competitive Solutions to discuss their Process Based Leadership model. This Q&A e-book explores the challenges manufacturers face when implementing transformation, what steps manufacturers need to take in order to implement transformation, and the benefits of leveraging Competitive Solutions’ Process Based Leadership model. This is an excerpt from the interview we did with Competitive Solutions: “What challenges do companies face in implementing transformation? The number one challenge companies face in implementing change is transformation is not starting with the leadership team. CSI prefers to work first with the leadership of an organization to ensure they have the skills necessary to “lead by example” and mentor the general population of employees. Our deployment approach is a “Level Based” and pragmatic process. Launching with the Site Leadership Team and building both ownership and capability within the team, validating team progress and proficiency, and then migrating the deployment to the next level within the organization has been the hallmark of CSI’s success. Keeping the implementation simple, succinct, and sustainable have proven to be the keys to CSI’s organizational transformation success.” Click through to access the full e-book here.

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