Workforce Management Manufacturing: Interview with SchedulePro

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Sachin Agrawal is the CEO of SchedulePro, a leading workforce management solution provider for the manufacturing, petroleum and corrections industries, whose customers include Procter & Gamble, a Big 3 auto manufacturer and Shell Oil. As an expert on workforce efficiency and labor cost reduction, Sachin has a track record of significantly increasing productivity and reducing costs for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to SchedulePro, Sachin was a product leader at Microsoft where he developed enterprise-scale products for Windows, MSN and Windows Server. Prior to the American Manufacturing Summit, we spoke with SchedulePro to discuss workforce management in the manufacturing industry. This is an excerpt from the interview with SchedulePro: “Why should manufacturers choose automated employee scheduling over manual scheduling? Increased productivity and the ability to quickly improve their bottom line are two of SchedulePro’s most significant benefits for manufacturers looking to reduce labor costs and improve employee working conditions. An automated solution will also produce staff schedules that are more compliant than manual scheduling solutions, helping manufacturers avoid issues with regulatory and union bodies.”

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