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The Rapid Adoption of Intelligent Manufacturing and Pharma 4.0 during COVID-19

In biomanufacturing, pharmaceutical by Trisha ArmeñaLeave a Comment

Among the many things that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to light, life science organizations were faced with the immediate need to improve the reliability, safety, scalability, and speed to market of their offerings. This much is clear: Gone are the days of using inefficient, cumbersome paper procedures and disconnected systems. Today’s complex manufacturing organizations are under great pressure to simultaneously speed up their processes while ensuring top quality. In order to meet today’s demands, the adoption of intelligent technology and remote collaboration platforms is crucial⁠—empowering organizations to efficiently connect their people, processes, and environments. Through leveraging intelligent technology and Pharma 4.0 connected systems, organizations are able to: Connect, monitor, and support their various teams in real-time Significantly improve batch yield Effectively manage resources Utilize guided workflow assistance Gather, query, and store the critical data needed to improve efficiency, reliability, compliance, and speed Learn more in this exclusive Apprentice e-book:

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