American Supply Chain Summit 2017

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The American Supply Chain Summit is a leadership focused meeting designed around improving supply chain and procurement strategy across the globe. The Supply Chain Summit serves as an annual platform to exchange ideas and collaborate on the impact of market dynamics and new technologies for current and future supply chain & operations leaders. This year’s Summit creates an opportunity to examine key case studies on how workforce management, advanced analytics, process improvement, and automation are being rolled out in the world’s best facilities. Join the in-depth discussions on achieving innovation, maximizing supply chain profitability, and increasing visibility and flexibility to mitigate risk. KEY THEMES PROFITABILITY & RISK MANAGEMENT Going beyond cost reduction and control to enable profitable growth Building a flexible supply chain to deal with uncertainty Managing for customer service while balancing risk and cost Managing Risk in a Global Market COST OPTIMIZATION Tools and Logistics processes engineered for greater efficiency Taming complex supply chains to reduce costs without increasing risk Supplier Management that drives “should cost” mentality Cost Reduction through Network Optimization TECHNOLOGY Disruptive technologies that are changing the supply chain environment The impact of additive manufacturing The Agile Supply Chain as a source of competitive advantage Understanding how IoT will interact and change the Supply Chain WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT Designing programs that produce desired attraction, development & retention outcomes Talent Management as a driver to reduce labor costs Identifying top performers and building the talent pipeline Building a …

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