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Reduce Supplier Risk, Reduce Organizational Risk

In compliance, medical device, medtech, quality, regulations by Alicia Cheung1 Comment

Risk is a major focus in most businesses today, regardless of industry. In the past few years, the Life Sciences have seen a steady rise in supply chain issues resulting in lost market caps, recalls, regulatory fines, and other financial impacts valued in the billions of dollars. The Medical Device Industry is no exception to this reality; if the industry wants to improve patient outcomes, then it has to manage risk. According to Pilgrim Quality Solutions, one of the largest sources of organizational risk is dependence on third-party suppliers. Today’s global economy has added complexity to supply chains, and longer supply chains are making it increasingly difficult to manage suppliers, and in many cases, suppliers’ suppliers, thereby increasing overall risk. The plethora of regulatory requirements placed on Medical Device organizations, including the updates to ISO 13485:2016, reflect this new reality.

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