Case Study: How to Get Started with Quality Performance Management

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In an effort to catch quality nonconformances earlier and reduce cost, companies are focused on collecting as much performance data as possible. This data is often leveraged by quality and continuous improvement professionals to derive intelligence. Unfortunately, the conversion from data into intelligence is where many fall short. LNS Research’s recent studies and discussions with industry executives have shown that despite any data collection efforts and technological capabilities, many companies lack a strong performance management foundation for transforming information into something actionable. To gain a better understanding of the foundations of a strong quality performance management program, this report will focus on highlights from the recent LNS Research Global Executive Council meeting. Specifically, readers of this case study will gain insights into the following areas of quality performance management: An overview of Accuride’s quality performance management program Identifying the right metrics for your organization The importance of focusing on both process and product losses An understanding of how much data is required to get started Recommendations and the role of technology in performance management View the full case study below!   

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