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CMO and Pharmaceutical Company Relationships: What is the Client’s Role?

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Over the last 25 years, contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) have played an increasingly important role in the pharmaceutical industry. The need to decrease time to market, improve process efficiency, and reduce costs are all crucial reasons why pharma companies have an increasing use for CMOs – and they’re the same key factors that have propelled the growth of the outsourcing market and will continue to propel its growth over the coming years. A November 2016 study from Industry Standard Research Reports reveals that life sciences companies now outsource two-thirds of their manufacturing activities for CMOs. For small to mid-sized companies – where outsourcing manufacturing isn’t just a convenience, it’s a necessity – that figure is even higher: up to 80% in 2015. These partnerships often last many years and have the potential to either constrict or add considerable value to a company’es growth. Success relies, of course, on choosing the right manufacturer. But once the contract is signed, what are the responsibilities of the client to ensure effective collaboration and maximum productivity? Recognizing how the relationship can break down on the client’s side is a crucial step in reducing risks.

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