Achieving Operational Excellence in Biomanufacturing

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Operational excellence is a key area of focus at the American Biomanufacturing Summit taking place on May 10-11 in San Diego. With the event less than 8 weeks away we decided to sit down with Seth Davies and Shane Yount the Managing Director and Principal at Competitive Solutions Inc. to hear their opinions on the challenges and opportunities available to biomanufacturers implementing operational excellence programs. We asked: What are the main obstacles that hamper decision-making, internal communication, and accountability? What are some of the options biomanufacturers have when trying to overcome these obstacles? What factors play an important role in achieving operational excellence? What role does employee engagement play in developing and maintaining a sustainable governance model? How can manufacturers assess the current level of employee engagement? What are some best practices that biomanufacturers can adopt to help them achieve progressive and sustainable governance? How can adopting a Process Based Leadership model help drive operational excellence and sustainable governance? eBook, Operational Excellence Explore strategies to streamline processes and achieve operational excellence at the American Biomanufacturing Summit 2016.

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