Does Data Help or Hamper Your Ability to Execute Effectively?

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Winning the game requires you to manage the details in short increment time intervals. For a fast/short cycle time business, if you learned that you missed the day at the end of the day, it’s too late to do much about it. But if you had the ability to measure and address performance in hourly or shorter time frames, there’s time to take action to ensure you meet the day’s goals. To learn more about data-driven daily management, check out this eguide by Dploy Solutions! 

Managing Your Cold Supply Chain to Ensure Your Vaccinations Get to Where They’re Needed Most

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World Courier is transporting Zika diagnostic test kits to and from South America. Companies trust us to transport and store time- and temperature-sensitive products, and the urgent and sensitive Zika diagnostic test kits are no exception! In the midst of concerns, especially for the well-being of athletes, World Courier’s capability and expertise are another reason to have peace of mind. The Zika virus was a huge fear for the 2016 Olympic summer games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the white paper below, World Courrier explains the process and challenges of transporting Zika tests for the 2016 Olympic games to ensure the safety of the Olympic athletes and those attending. Take a look at the full white paper below!

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Optimizing Temperature Control for Biopharmaceuticals

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This article first appeared in BioPharm International, October 1, Caroline Hroncich Today pharma companies are faced with an ever-changing market that includes increased regulatory challenges, globalization, and heightened competition (1). Biopharma companies are rapidly expanding into emerging markets where there are new opportunities for drug development. Conversely, logistics companies must keep up with the demand, ensuring all storage technology is equipped to retain the safety and efficacy of a drug by the time it reaches the end of its journey. This article by World Courier delves into these relevant industry topics: Common considerations for shipping biopharmaceuticals; Temperature management in extreme climates; Recent advancements; and Looking ahead. Learn more about optimizing temperature control for biopharmaceuticals in the article below!  

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Q&A with Intel: Looking at the Factory of the Future

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When looking at the future of manufacturing, we wanted to gather thoughts and insights from our American Manufacturing Summit elite speaker Dr. Irene J. Petrick of Intel, an internationally recognized expert in strategic road mapping and innovation, and the Director of Business Strategy for the Industrial and Energy Solutions Division in Intel’s Internet of Things Group. At Intel, it is Dr.Petrick’s job to provide leadership in the integration of business and technology strategy and to develop solutions that will drive exciting technology to create smart edge devices and end-to-end solutions. In the manufacturing space, there have been major shifts towards smart manufacturing, with a goal to optimize the manufacturing process entirely. Dr. Irene Petrick believes that smart manufacturing triggers are likely to emerge from needs-based business drivers such as operational efficiency and flexibility, ROI, and enhanced customer relationships, and social accelerators such as a growing middle class with an appetite for customized products and a declining manufacturing workforce. Solutions that support the convergence of operating technologies and information technologies will accelerate this manufacturing transformation. It is important to note that there are four shifts that drive smart manufacturing adoption: Modular Manufacturing Digital Threads Networked Ecosystems Human and A.I. Choreography Today’s manufacturers have the opportunity to increase the transparency in their operations using IoT technologies that will acquire and transfer data from the asset through the fog to the cloud, resulting in efficiency ROI, and closer customer relationships, Dr. Petrick notes. …

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Millennials Don’t Want to Work at Google?

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3M knows a thing or two about attracting Millennials to the workforce! In 2016 they took the number one spot from Google as a preferred workplace for millennials, according to an NSHSS (National Society of High School Scholars) survey published in Forbes magazine. In light of this success, we are thrilled to have David Kadrie, VP, Lean Six Sigma join us at the upcoming American Supply Chain Summit to discuss the best strategies to attract and retain millennial talent. In addition to their success managing the skills gap, 3M recently announced better than expected quarterly profits in January due to cost containment efforts. David has led an innovative team through their restructuring efforts to lower operating expenses and achieve better than expected results. What are you doing on April 24th – 25th? Join us for the American Supply Chain Summit in Orlando, Florida to hear first-hand case studies and strategies from some of the world’s leading practitioners!  

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The Five Best Practices of Inventory Leaders

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Inventory optimization strategies and practices are known to vary throughout different organizations and even divisions. This is why the people managing inventory have to effectively provide superior service levels at a low cost to serve. This article will focus on an overview of the leading practices that TBM Consulting Group has helped clients implement. Also, included is a 10-Minute Inventory Performance Assessment so that you can discover a more detailed analysis of your inventory planning, scheduling, and control processes. View the full article below:

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Case Study Video: Honeywell Aerospace Boosts Savings with Early Visibility to Product Cost

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Early visibility to product cost drivers helps companies eliminate problems before they become extremely expensive to fix. This was the conclusion of the team at Honeywell Aerospace after their first few programs where they integrated a product cost management platform into the product development process. Watch the following video case study below to hear Bret Armstrong, Manager of the Should Cost team in Cost Performance Engineering at Honeywell, highlight three specific examples that underscore the value of early visibility to cost for everyone in the product value chain from beginning to end. Read the full article from aPriori here, and watch the video case study below!