Guide: Medical Device Commercialization

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In our previous posts we have looked into some of the challenges that documentation can present during a medical device’s development and production stage. In today’s post we wanted to take a closer look at the challenges that commonly arise in the commercialization stage and explore some simple solutions to overcome them. Seismic, a leading end-to-end content automation solution provider for life sciences firms worldwide, has created the guide below to help organizations overcome 4 common challenges in medical device marketing. Check out Seismic’s Guide below: 4-simple-solutions-to-common-life-sciences-marketing-challenges If you are joining the discussion at the American Medical Device Summit this October, don’t forget to stop by Seismic’s booth (# 28) to find out more!

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eBook: Medical Device Commercialization Best Practices

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The evolving regulatory landscape and the accelerated pace of medical device innovation are increasing pressure on medical device developers to speed their time to market while providing higher quality products,  at less cost. Navigating this shifting terrain and enabling a quick time to market can often be a challenge. In this eBook, we sat down with Cognition Corporation, compliance and medical device solutions specialists, to gather their insights on the commercialization challenges that medical device developers face and the best practices to overcome them. Check out the eBook below: Medical Device Commercialization Best Practices    

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Medical Device Infographic: The Recall Impact

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In today’s post we draw on the expertise and insights of EngiSystems to examine the growing impact of recalls in the medical device industry.  The infographic below illustrates the increase in medical device recalls over the past decade and outlines some of the major challenges that have lead to this increase. Infographic: The Recall Impact For more medical device insight. join EngiSystems at the American Medical Device Summit 2016  taking place in Chicago on October 5th – 6th, 2016.

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