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Managing Complex Pharma Projects

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As the pharmaceutical landscape is evolving to adjust to external effects, the demand for efficiency within the internal pharma industry is at a high. Praxis Life Sciences, who is reputable for analyzing challenges within an industry workforce and creating solutions based on quantitative and qualitative research has just released a new beneficial case study to the pharma industry. Their consultation within the life sciences field has a track record of proven results, and their most recent study, Managing Complex Pharma Projects, is no exception to this. The challenge that most pharma companies are currently facing is the inefficiency created by having a large project team with “disparate decision makers.” Praxis Life Sciences has analyzed this problem, and created solutions ensuring that ” decisions and progress are made in a timely fashion.” To learn more about the results of their case study, click here.

Sonoco ThermoSafe Expands Range of LD7 Pallet Shippers for Temperature-Sensitive Bulk Air Shipment

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Sonoco ThermoSafe, a unit of Sonoco (NYSE:SON) and a leading global provider of temperature assurance packaging, leverages award winning technology to expand its line of pallet solutions with the launch of the LD7 Half PAG pallet shipper. The Half PAG solution is designed to ship multiple pallet loads, while reducing the cost and operational complexity of bulk shipments by optimizing the use of aircraft ULDs (LD7 air pallets). The Half PAG is available for 2-8°C or 15-25°C temperature ranges with durations in excess of five days. Each solution has a universal pack-out design to be used in both hot and cold seasons while also accommodating the demands of cross-hemispheric shipments. To learn more about LD7 Half PAG Pallet Shippers, Check out this article by Sonoco! 

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Get in Position to Make the Right Calls in 2017

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One of the responsibilities of operational leaders is to select and reinforce the company’s key performance measures. Establishing and tracking these KPIs is akin to being in the right position. These measures must mirror leadership’s view of what success looks like. This article by TBM explains how to set your KPIs while ensuring that your metrics provide a clear understanding of the current health for your business, are aligned with both past and emerging customer expectations, and reflect the mantra “good is never good enough.” According to TBM, unless you establish the right KPIs, you are unable to make the best calls for your business in 2017. Read the full article below:

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Building a Fit-To-Win Organisation

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Despite having spent years and countless millions on optimising their operations, 61% of companies (according to the Economist’s Intelligence Unit) find themselves frustrated with the same problem. They have difficulty executing short and mid-term strategy and fail to reach their strategic objectives because of gaps in their organisation. This whitepaper by EFESO Consulting focuses on how to build a fit-to-win organisation focusing on the parallels between corporate fitness and human fitness. Learn “6 Holistic Steps to a Fit-To-Win Organisation” and start the journey to greater stamina, strength, and agility. To view the full whitepaper, click here.  

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WCOM (World Class Operations Management): Why You Need More Than Lean

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This book deals with World Class Operations Management (WCOM), detailing its principles, methods and organization, and the results that this approach can bring about. Utilizing real-world case studies illustrated by companies that have adopted this model (interviews with Saint-Gobain, L’Oréal, Tetra Pak, Bemis, and Bel Executives), it describes common patterns drawn from decades of hands-on experience, so as to present a theoretical approach together with the concrete application of its principles. WCOM, adopted by several multinational companies, is one of the more innovative management practises, as it integrates the best Continuous Improvement approaches (Lean, Total Productive Management, World Class Manufacturing) as well as the most innovative approaches in human dynamics like Change Leadership, Performance Behavior, Shingo Model, to name a few. Every book’s chapter has been authored by an expert in these different fields, thus revealing the synergy among the different practices, which is one of the distinguishing and successful aspects of WCOM. Maximising reader insights into the successful implementation of such an approach, and explaining not only its potentialities, but also its implementation dynamics, the critical points and the ways it can be integrated into different situations, this book is also about how to create a culture of excellence that is sustainable over a long period of time and delivers consistent (or ever-improving) results. Check out the Efeso Consulting book below:

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Q&A with Intermex Industrial Parks: Sourcing Challenges and Solutions for Manufacturers in North America

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In this Q&A eBook, find out how to thrive in an industry where production costs are soaring and the competition is cutthroat. Also, learn how to become a lean organization, thrive in a fast-paced world, enhance quality, and apply strategic sourcing operations. If North American manufacturers want to outsource, leaders have to change their mindset to adapt to a worldwide view and use geographic diversity to their advantage. When a company is doing well and the idea of change comes up, it may be difficult to allow that in a culture of complacency. -Intermex Find out more about sourcing challenges and solutions for manufacturers in North America from Intermex in the Q&A eBook below! 

eBook: Design Thinking with Terumo BCT

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Generis Group is honored to have Palani Palaniappan, EVP, Innovation and Development at Terumo BCT join the speaker faculty at the upcoming American Medical Device Summit 2016. With the summit right around the corner, we took the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Palaniappan to gather his insights and discuss the importance of ‘Design Thinking’ in the journey from concept to commercialization. Check out the eBook!  

eBook: How Quality is Your System?

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With the American Medical Device Summit 2016 right around the corner we wanted to take some time to sit down with Clarkston Consulting to gather their insights on quality system management. Clarkston Consulting are specialists in management, operations, and implementation consulting services for life sciences and consumer products companies.  To help guide medical device developers on their quality journey we asked Clarkston to adress: What to Consider in your Quality System Lifecycle Quality Systems Planning and Priorities What Are the Challenges and How Can You Overcome Them? The Benefits of the Lifecycle Approach Quality Acceleration and Overwatch Check out the eBook below!    

An Agile Alternative to Document-Centric Methods for Requirements Management

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The American Medical Device Summit is less than one month away!  The summit will draw on the knowledge of over 40 industry leaders to explore the challenges and opportunities in product development, quality management, speed to commercialization, and regulatory harmonization. One of the companies helping developers tackle the challenges in product development and compliance is Jama Software. Jama Software has developed a more agile alternative to document-centric methods for requirements management, creating the optimal environment for defining problem statements, validating cross-functional input and ensuring that what is delivered at each phase of is what was intended. Check out the Demo Video below to find out how on-boarding this software can help developers navigate complex development cycles and build great products by: Removing the overhead of requirements reviews. Shortening the time between milestones. Mitigating risk and maintaining traceability evidence. Visualizing connections between regulations, requirements and test cases. for a more in-depth look at the software, try the software yourself by signing up for the Jama Software Free Trial!

Can you turn Regulatory Compliance into an Opportunity?

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Medical device developers are evolving and introducing new products and variants into the market. With this evolution comes a more complex and dynamic global supply chain.  To help navigate this shifting terrain Dassault Systèmes generated the free webinar below to help guide developers through effective techniques to create an opportunity through traceability. Check out the 35 minute free Qmed webinar on Making Traceability Work for the Business: Effective eDHR and UDI to discover: The role of integrated manufacturing software in eDHR and UDI compliance Approaches to consider for traceability program improvements Questions to raise as you assemble the diverse stakeholders for such a project Check out the Webinar!