The 3PO Model: Opening the Door to Profitability & Creating Sustainable Transformation

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Q&A with EngiLifeSciences Daniel Martinez is a 30-year veteran as an international management consultant with vast experience developing and implementing large-scale people-oriented performance programs and strategic interventions with Fortune 500 companies globally. Currently, Daniel is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at EngiLifeSciences. In this role, Daniel is focused on engaging and creating awareness with Executives on opportunities, insights and trends in the industry. In March 2019, Daniel will join over 250 industry peers at the American Manufacturing Summit to exchange ideas around the impact of market dynamics and new technologies for current and future manufacturing, operations and supply chain leaders. Prior to the summit, Generis spoke with Daniel to discuss the 3PO model and how manufacturers can achieve operational excellence by implementing this methodology. In this eBook, we examine the benefits of leveraging the 3PO model, what manufacturers must do to onboard 3PO and the barriers and trends that impact a company’s operational effectiveness.

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Cheryl Thompson is the Director of Prototype at American Axle & Manufacturing and Founder of CADIA (The Center for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement), an organization dedicated to doubling the number of women leaders in the automotive industry by 2030. Cheryl has 30 years of experience at Ford Motor Co. and has held positions in skilled trades, operations, engineering, and leadership. She is a Six Sigma trained and certified Black Belt and is the winner of two Diversity and Inclusion Awards from Ford Motor Company. In November, Cheryl will join us at the American Automotive Summit to speak about the components and decision-making tips that are critical to any team’s success as well as the mistakes that leaders should avoid.

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Leadership Strategies for Enabling Supplier Quality Management

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When it comes to quality management, life sciences organizations all face a similar set of challenges derived from both the significant industry competition necessitating improved quality performance and reduced costs, and from ever-tightening regulatory compliance measures. Quality leaders in life sciences need to contend with these pressures while also meeting goals around innovation, and improving efficiency across the product development lifecycle in an industry that is relying more and more on a growing global network of suppliers, contract manufacturers, and other partnerships. The growing network of suppliers in life sciences means that visibility into supplier quality and across the value chain are more important than ever before, as an adverse event could quickly lead to recalls, fines, and irreparable brand damage.

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Quality Management in the Board Room

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Building the Executive Business Case for EQMS According to Pilgrim, quality leaders today are facing new challenges and opportunities presented by changing global markets, disruptive technologies, new regulations, and social media. Their quality management maturity has not increased quickly enough to keep pace, largely due to chronic underinvestment. When done right, quality extends throughout the enterprise and provides unique value across all functions. However, quality is stuck in a catch-22. It must break out of the silo to achieve its potential value, but the lack of perceived value reduces support from other leaders and top executives. Support from top executives plays a crucial role in the long-term effectiveness of quality. Three elements that quality needs to thrive: Top-down support Executive voice Sustained resources

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Be the Customer of Choice: How to Get Suppliers Working with You, Not Against You

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In today’s economy, resources are limited – and that includes the shrinking pool of elite suppliers who can make or break your organization’s brand and product standing. More than ever, businesses must work to earn their spot on a short list of preferred customers to the best and brightest in the market.  With the right partnerships, your organization stands to learn, grow, and evolve into your next big opportunity. This whitepaper by Intelex explores the following 3 tactics that are critical to a successful supplier partnership:

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Leadership Spotlight: Randy Kesterson, SVP, Operations & Supply Chain, Cobham

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We are thrilled to have Randy Kesterson join us at the American Supply Chain Summit, on April 9-10 in Dallas, TX. He will be delivering a plenary session on “How to Change an Organization: Addressing Failures and the Key to Lead Real Change,” in which he will explore why most supply chain transformations fail and what you can do about it, using examples from both failures and successes in his own career.

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Manufacturer Exits Paper Trail – Moves to a Software Path for Better EHS Management

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It was really a matter of getting with the times. PACE Industries, a U.S.-based die-casting company, was not unlike many organizations struggling to manage environmental, health and safety (EHS) processes. They were looking to get out of the old world of paper and Excel spreadsheets and into the modern age of intelligent digital reporting. A company with a history dating to the 1970s, PACE was buried under a spreadsheet mountain of incident reporting from 12 divisions and 21 locations throughout the U.S., plus two plants in Mexico. It’s a busy place. You name it, and PACE probably manufactures it, taking aluminum, magnesium and zinc, melting it down, putting it in high-pressure molds, and literally turning it into thousands of parts. Everything from components for the automotive and lighting industries, to barbecue grills, and even guidance chips for missile systems. Suffice to say, paper-based processes simply weren’t cutting it.

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How a Safety Management System Can Save You Money

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A software-based system for managing safety in manufacturing organizations may hold the key to unlocking efficiency, improving processes and creating safer workplaces that, at the end of the day, puts money back in the pockets of these businesses. Experts say that Safety Management System (SMS) support the ability of manufacturing companies to help change leadership thinking and cultures in reducing the number of workplace injuries through increased awareness of, and involvement in, safety programs, and ultimately elevating the important of and commitment to safety across entire organizations.

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Gather, Predict, Change: How Smart Leaders Tame Risky Systems

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Manufacturing organizations face an increasingly complex and unforgiving Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality (EHSQ) environment. Yet, many companies are still relying on traditional tools to manage EHSQ risks that fall short of meeting today’s challenges. Intelex Technologies’ white paper, “Gather, Predict, Change: How Smart Leaders Tame Risky Systems,” provides an overview of the limitations of traditional EHSQ management approaches and outlines three steps to developing a proactive, forward-looking, system-level approach to managing EHSQ risks. Get your copy today:

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