Aerospace & Defense Controlled Conditions Facilities

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Q&A with The Austin Company’s Donna Lorenzen, PE Prior to the American Aerospace & Defense Summit 2018, we spoke with Donna Lorenzen, Chief Mechanical Engineer at The Austin Company to discuss controlled conditions facilities and best available technologies in the aerospace & defense industry. Donna’s experience in the design and engineering of facilities for the industry is considerable and current. With over 27 years of professional experience in the design and engineering of mechanical systems for aerospace and defense industry facilities, 24 years have been with The Austin Company. This is an excerpt from the Q&A Generis Group did with Donna Lorenzen.

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Arizona: Aerospace & Defense Industry

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Arizona is among the top states in the nation for the aerospace & defense (A&D) industry. Its dry, sunny climate, geographic location, business-friendly and innovative culture, and unwavering commitment to America’s military make it an attractive choice for A&D companies. Factor in affordable wages, the low cost of living, and some of the nations lowest corporate and individual income tax rates, and Arizona is tough to beat. A&D is one of the state’s six key sectors and continues to thrive in Arizona. Arizona has a high concentration of A&D industry leaders; a skilled, talented workforce employed in the industry; numerous military operations; and continual research and development initiatives in the private sector and at the university level. These factors ensure Arizona will remain at the forefront of the A&D industry’s most critical advances.

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Precise Engineering, Quality Construction: How World Class Facilities Get Built

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The Austin Company has been serving the manufacturing industry for over 140 years. Today, they continue to provide state-of-the-art facility and equipment design and construction solutions for manufacturers of a wide range of products, including aerospace and automotive, chemical processing, food processing, and laboratory facilities. In advance of our American Manufacturing Summit, we interviewed Matt Eddleman, a Senior Vice President at The Austin Company and asked him the following: How have manufacturing facilities evolved in recent years? What are some notable projects you have worked on over the years with The Austin Company? What was a particularly challenging project you worked on and how did The Austin Company overcome the challenges you were presented with? What do you think is unique about the way The Austin Company operates or approaches a project? What are the main goals you seek to achieve when taking on a project? How do you go about doing this? How do you align site selection and design with a client’s strategic goals? What in-house subject matter expertise does The Austin Company have and how does that help create complex facilities unique to specific industries or products? Click through to read the entire interview.

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Five Premium Manufacturing Facilities, from Bakery Production to Heavy Industrial Manufacturing

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The Austin Company offers a comprehensive portfolio of in-house services, including planning, architectural design, engineering, design-build, construction management, and construction, as well as site location and operations improvement consulting, for commercial and industrial companies throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. In advance of the American Manufacturing Summit, we asked them to highlight some of their favorite manufacturing facilities they have worked on across different industries, from bakery production to heavy industrial manufacturing.

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