Temptime Ebook: Key Issues in t he Storage & Transportation of Temperature-Sensitive Medical Product s

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Temptime innovates cost effective monitoring solutions for environmentally sensitive products to ensure supply chain integrity, protect patients and benefit communities globally. The emergence of the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive medical products has given Temptime the expertise and knowledge to resolve prevalent issues in this field. Temptime has narrowed down the key issues to the following: – Evolving Regulatory Oversight – Customer Complaints & Patient Safety – Impact on Financial Performance Temptime has identified that organizations have a challenge balancing the requirements of regulators and the needs of patients when adhering the temperature monitoring regulations. Another challenge is reducing costs and positively impacting the financial performance of a company. Temptime has unique solutions that can significantly reduce product returns and gain a competitive advantage in the market by enhancing the customer experience. For more information on key issues and solutions in the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive medical products and solutions, read Temptime’s ebook here. To visit their website, click here.

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Nine Ways Manufacturing Analytics Can Improve Your Profitability

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If you’re looking for new ways to improve the profitability of your manufacturing business, there might be a resource that you’re not tapping into–data. Many organizations already have data and analytics about equipment, parts, and processes that are not being used to improve the organization. Download the tip sheet by Sight Machine below to find out how to use your manufacturing analytics to improve profitability. Within the sheet below, you’ll learn how to: Reduce unplanned downtime; Diagnose quality problems faster; Reduce the cost of compliance; And more. Find out more below!

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The Five Best Practices of Inventory Leaders

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Inventory optimization strategies and practices are known to vary throughout different organizations and even divisions. This is why the people managing inventory have to effectively provide superior service levels at a low cost to serve. This article will focus on an overview of the leading practices that TBM Consulting Group has helped clients implement. Also, included is a 10-Minute Inventory Performance Assessment so that you can discover a more detailed analysis of your inventory planning, scheduling, and control processes. View the full article below:

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Q&A with Intermex Industrial Parks: Sourcing Challenges and Solutions for Manufacturers in North America

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In this Q&A eBook, find out how to thrive in an industry where production costs are soaring and the competition is cutthroat. Also, learn how to become a lean organization, thrive in a fast-paced world, enhance quality, and apply strategic sourcing operations. If North American manufacturers want to outsource, leaders have to change their mindset to adapt to a worldwide view and use geographic diversity to their advantage. When a company is doing well and the idea of change comes up, it may be difficult to allow that in a culture of complacency. -Intermex Find out more about sourcing challenges and solutions for manufacturers in North America from Intermex in the Q&A eBook below! 

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Infographic: Top 5 Advantages of Operating Your Business in Mexico

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There are many advantages when looking to run your business in Mexico, as there is no red tape, no hidden costs, no incorporation needed, and a large, experienced group of executive, managers, engineers, and supervisors trained by foreign companies. This infographic delves into the top 5 advantages and shows you why Mexico is a great option for businesses in North America. Intermex has been part of the success of over 200 multi-national companies manufacturing and distributing in Mexico. The process of combining foreign capital and technology with Mexican labor, industrial facilities,  and community, has been Intermex’s core value for 40 years. Intermex provides a competitive edge for success and profitability of your operations in Mexico. Find more about Intermex here.

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CASE STUDY: How OSRAM SYLVANIA Used AGV Technology to Reduce Labor, Fork Truck Costs

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In this case study, AutoGuide shares how OSRAM SYLVANIA was able to reassign four fork truck driver positions to more meaningful work within the plant, as well as reduce congestion on the facility floor by installing two Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Find out more about how AutoGuide helped improve OSRAM SYLVANIA’s manufacturing process below. 

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Spectrum: S-40 Jet, Made in Mexico: First Aircraft to be Completely Manufactured in the Country

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Original Source here.  How many parts does an airplane have?  According to Boeing, a goliath in the U.S. Aerospace industry, there are over 6 million pieces that make up its  747.  Completely believable when you consider everything from cockpit parts, nuts, and bolts to tray tables and seatbelt buckles! Mexico has been persistent in working to elevate its position in the supply and demand industry for aerospace parts for several years. ProAereo 2012-2020, put in place by the Mexican government, is a national strategic program designed specifically to put Mexico among the top 10 countries in the world in aerospace manufacturing and production. And further, to make Mexico the first aerospace service HUB in Latin America. In support of ProAereo’s goal, the Mexican government has established educational facilities and research centers geared to specifically enhance their potential in aerospace: grooming a talented workforce and creating infrastructure to ensure sustained capabilities in the industry. The strategy is continuing to pay off as San Diego-based U.S. aircraft developer, Spectrum Aeronautical, is set to build their S-40 business jet in Mexico.  Spectrum says Mexicali was chosen due to the area’s population of highly skilled workers, and for its proximity to the “huge aerospace industrial infrastructure of Southern California.” Spectrum chief finance officer David Tenney says, “Mexico is really keen to develop its aerospace industry and the S-40 will be the first aircraft to be completely manufactured in the country.” $300 Million is the sum needed to …

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Author: Alfredo García  On June 7, 2016, at a plant opening ceremony, IVEMSA, announced their agreement with Barnes Aerospace to supply comprehensive shelter services for their new facility in Mexicali. Barnes, a leading international industrial and aerospace manufacturer and service provider was motivated, in part, to establish operations in Mexico to tighten the supply chain of a client, UTC Aerospace Systems. The new plant will focus on the manufacture of structural components and parts for turbine engines utilizing titanium, aluminum, and aerospace alloys, and add up to 50 specialized high-tech jobs to the region, with a plan to add up to 50 more positions by 2018. The opening ceremony was attended by a number of business and government officials including the head of the Ministry of Economic Development (Sedeco), Carlos Bonfante Olache, who reported that the Barnes investment will be eight million dollars, implemented in several phases. Sergio Tagliapietra President and CEO of IVEMSA, spoke at the event and said, “Barnes aerospace, besides creating new jobs and opportunities here, is and will be, a key player within our regional aerospace cluster. Your participation in the supply chain is needed and most welcome to our city.” The opening of the Mexicali facility adds to Barnes’ already robust portfolio of international manufacturing operations with more than 60 locations over four continents. A Barnes representative stated, “We are pleased to open our newest subsidiary here in the in the state capital of beautiful Baja …

The Myths and Facts of Manufacturing in Mexico

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Deciding on the appropriate region for your manufacturing operations is a vital step.  Many US manufacturers consider Mexico when deciding on plant locations because of its proximity to US markets, access to resources and skilled labor, as well as the favorable trade agreements. But is Mexico the best decision for your organization? To help manufacturers make an informed decision American Industries developed the eBook below which outlines the benefits, issues, myths and facts about manufacturing in Mexico. Download the eBook below to gather the information you need to make an informed decision on whether Mexican manufacturing is the right decision for you.

eBook: Q&A with Brandon Varnau, Vice President and Head of Operations Quality, Sanofi Specialty Care

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Our next eBook features industry insights and forecasts from Brandon Varnau, Vice President and Head of Operations Quality at Sanofi Speciality Care, one of the key speakers at the American Biomanufacturing Summit 2016. We asked Brandon: How biomanufacturing in the U.S. differs from international operations? What are the biggest challenges biomanufacturers currently face? How can these challenges be overcome? What is the biggest opportunity in biomanufacturing? What do you foresee as the ‘next big trend’ to influence biomanufacturing? What major changes to you forecast the industry undergoing over the next 5-10 years? eBook Q&A with Brandon Varnau Brandon joins the speaker line up in San Diego this May to discuss strategies to Create a Quality Compliance Culture Within Biomanufacturing Facilities: Aligning manufacturing and quality objectives to ensure compliance Developing clear compliance expectations for all staff Empowering staff to proactively engage in a culture of compliance Examining various channels and knowledge sharing platforms to communicate compliance practices Find out more about the sessions, case studies and key themes to be addressed at the American Biomanufacturing Summit 2016!