The Implications of a Changing Healthcare Environment

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An Interview with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics’ Dr. James Donnelly. The medical device industry has achieved significant growth over recent years, with the industry expected to generate $365 billion in sales by the end of 2015, and $460 billion by 2018 (information sourced from TÜV SÜD). The initial and continued success of a medical device is dependent on the value it brings to the delivery of healthcare, where there is a need to reduce waste in an evolving regulatory and reimbursement climate. Prior to his speaking engagement at the upcoming American Medical Device Summit 2015 in Chicago next week, we had the opportunity to sit down with James Donnelly ,Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Global VP, Medical, Scientific & Statistical Affairs, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics to gather his perspective on the medical device industry in the U.S., and understand how changes to the healthcare system will influence the industry moving forward. Donnelly has been with Siemens for more than eight years, beginning as Global Vice President of Medical, Clinical and Statistical Affairs. He is passionate about integrating customer input, quality, and innovation into the design of products. He also believes the customer must be an active partner in product lifecycle management and that innovation without purpose will not consistently add value to the healthcare system. Jim, how would you describe the current healthcare environment in the U.S. for medical devices? The current healthcare spend is not sustainable. We spend too much on healthcare delivery without the expected return in value. The healthcare system and its stakeholders are all experiencing significant …

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Speaker eBook: Q&A with the Speakers at the American Medical Device Summit 2015

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There is less than one month to the American Medical Device Summit 2015! With the event on the horizon, we took a moment to gather some of our key speakers and asked them to share their insights and opinions on the current state and future outlook of medical devices in the U.S. We posed the following questions: 1. How would you describe the current landscape for medical devices in America? 2. What are some of the biggest challenges that companies are facing when bringing medical devices to market? 3. How can these challenges be overcome? 4. When it comes to medical device inception, development or commercialization, what is the one piece of advice you wish that someone had given you? CLICK HERE to view the Speaker eBook

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