Understanding the Hidden Costs of Weak GMP Documentation and the Return on Investment for Strong GMP Documentation

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In your experience, when an organization has invested in proper documentation, what have the results been like? The results have been tremendous! We’ve seen organizations move away from poor compliance and low morale toward a quality mindset with excitement for innovation. We’ve opened career paths for promising writers who love challenge and have a desire to help patients through strong GMP documentation. Our clients have demonstrated returns on investment for our projects by lowering documentation-based costs, reducing turnaround times, reducing documentation-based errors, and shortening regulatory filing times. Documentation comes off the critical path for the first time! Lastly, we’ve seen our projects serve as a springboard for further innovation and enhancements. In a nutshell, our best results have been realized when GMP documentation is embraced as an opportunity and powerful mechanism to help companies advance new therapies for their patients. To learn more about GMP documentation, check out the ebook by Bulletproof below! 

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An Interview with Bill Remy, Chairman and CEO, TBM Consulting Group

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Bill Remy is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at TBM Consulting and a member of the Board of Directors. He has 30plus years of leadership experience in general management and manufacturing operations. Bill’s areas of expertise include operational performance improvement through LeanSigma deployment in manufacturing operations, supply chain, product development and project management. He has experience in a broad array of business leadership positions across various industries including aerospace and defense, railway, industrial and agricultural equipment, technology and process automation. Bill returned to TBM in the summer of 2011 after working at Invensys as Vice President, Continuous Improvement. Prior to Invensys, Bill led the initiative Bill returned to TBM in the summer of 2011 after working at Invensys as Vice President, Continuous Improvement. Prior to Invensys, Bill led the initiative. This Q&A eBook with Bill Remy will touch on the ways that technology is transforming the manufacturing and supply chain industries, lean manufacturing, technology investments, and best practices for manufacturing managers. Read the full eBook below!  

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Infographic: 8 Types of Meeting Personalities

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Meeting Misery: Meeting Makeover Edition  This year in Corporate America–that’s your company and mine–we are going waste over $37 Billion attending meetings. It is well documented that meetings are a source of pain and great frustration due to high levels of inefficiency and ineffectiveness. Over the last 25 years, we have identified the eight most common meeting personalities that create this Meeting Misery! Find out more about the 8 types of meeting personalities below. Competitive Solutions, Inc. has a three step Meeting Makeover Solution to be applied to a single team, a specific department, or an entire organization. Find out how to get these 8 personalities out of your meetings, and end your meeting misery today! Shane Yount, Principal & Author at Competitive Solutions, will also be speaking on Business Bootcamp – Driving Greater Execution, Engagement, And Ultimately, Earnings! at our Amerian Manufacturing Summit taking place March 28-29th in Chicago, IL. View the full infographic below!

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Three MD Companies Receive NIST Innovation Grants

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Three MD Companies Receive NIST Innovation Grants | MDBIZNews Based in Rockville, Automated Precision Inc. is a first-time recipient with a $98,750 grant in Phase 1 funding. The company’s research focuses on a noncontact measuring technique for use in the defense, energy, aerospace and automobile industries. The technique measures high speed 3-D scanning during surface inspections, which cuts manufacturing costs and can reduce waste. Discover more information about the three Maryland companies that were among a group of small businesses to receive grants from the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Learn more below!  

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A Change Management Strategy For Your ERP Project

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C>R | C=a*b*d. What does this equation mean? Why is it critical to an ERP change management strategy? Successful ERP transformation projects must take many facets into consideration, in particular, people, processes and technology. Most projects address the process and technology portions, but have little or no focus on the people portion. For a transformation to be successful, it is the people component that is the most critical piece in order for the transformation to be successful. Download the full white paper below to discover the practical ways to apply current change management strategy models to prepare your business for an ERP transition. If you didn’t know the equation above, you’ll also find out the answer within! Read more below…

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Tomorrow’s Medicine: Curing One Patient at a Time

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You know that tomorrow’s medicine is personalized. With more than 8,100 active cell therapy studies and 1,300 active gene therapy studies underway now, you’re changing the way patients will be treated. To achieve the best clinical outcomes, the living cells and biological samples you develop or treat must be transported to patients on time and under the most rigorous product and stability specification. Anything less than perfect is unacceptable. The World Courier eBook below highlights the logistics challenges of gene and cell therapies. Download the full eBook below for more information! 

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ESCO® Corporation Improves Companywide Metrics Visibility and Accountability Using Dploy® Solutions

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Even for small manufacturers, effectively capturing and using key performance indicators (KPIs) to take corrective actions can be difficult. But when a global company using a mix of manual, spreadsheet-based processes adds new acquisitions to the mix, the process challenges quickly compound. That’s part of the reason why in 2012 the team at ESCO Corporation knew it needed a better way to track and analyze KPIs across existing locations and new acquisitions. This article explains how your team can benefit from using Dploy® Solutions and increase your visibility while helping to summarize and monitor strategies and resources. For more information, read the full article below!

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Infographic: A Strong S&OP / IBP Process is Designed to Reduce Costs While Growing the Top Line

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This infographic by the Aberdeen Group and the TBM Consulting Group outlines the top business pressures facing sales and operations planning and integrated business planning (S&OP/INP) process. S&OP/IBP Users have superior customer service, cash-to-cash cycle, and forecast accuracy, driven by the effective measurement of their process and strategic actions. These improvements move them from predicting results toward a prescriptive approach, allowing them to manage their costs while growing their top line. View the full infographic and read the report on this topic below!

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Executive Interviews and Visioning: Launching the Business Case for Change

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One of the first steps in beginning an ERP project and launching the business case for change is to determine why change is necessary. Through our on-site meetings with this client, we were able to identify a few key areas that would be improved upon by a modern enterprise application system. In the article below, you will be able to identify key areas in a business that would benefit from a modern enterprise application system including: Customer Focus; Business Processes; Organizational Change Management Strategy (OCM); Revenues; Data Cleansing and Storing; and Automation. Ultra Consultants’ goal is to determine how an ERP system would add value to a business after assessing the needs of the business beforehand. For more information, please read the full article below!

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Q&A eBook with Competitive Solutions, Inc. – TEAMS 2.0 – REBOOTING TEAM ENGAGEMENT AND EXECUTION

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In many organizations today, team functionality is actually working against overall business success and efficiency. Organizations have become a slave to team models that are inefficient, unproductive, and bureaucratic. At Generis’ American Manufacturing Summit 2017 taking place on March 28-29th in Chicago, IL, Competitive Solutions, Inc. will be challenging attendees to examine their current operating system and team functionality, while providing proven and practical solutions for improvement. Download the Q&A eBook with Competitive Solutions, Inc. below to discover solutions to rebooting team engagement and execution below!