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Curiosity, Collaborative Engagement & Exploration in the Packaging Industry

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An Interview with LUX GLOBAL LABEL On April 16, 2019, LUX GLOBAL LABEL will join over 150 industry leaders at the American Packaging Summit to discuss current trends, strategic insights and best practices in packaging innovation, design, materials and branding. This is an excerpt from the interview Generis Group did with LUX GLOBAL LABEL prior to the American Packaging Summit: “What are the key trends driving disruption in the packaging industry today? The biggest trend driving disruption in the packaging industry is Immersive Experience (IE). Technology has changed us physically, socially and cognitively, and in the last few years, packaging experience has begun to take importance over other features, like information, in purchasing influence. LUX is leading the way with Immersive Experience by collaborating with our clients in the use of Augmented Reality Labels.

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