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QReview Supply Chain Industry Predictions for 2018

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Stay ahead of trends in the supply chain industry by reading the latest edition of QReview, a supply chain industry publication created by Transportation Impact. This issue features the 2018 Qforecast, their predictions for the year ahead.  Articles include: Partner Spotlight: Industrial Fleet Management – Industrial Fleet Management helps companies that operate their own fleets save money in ways they didn’t know were possible LTL Looking Strong in 2018 – Read about the potential changes shippers can expect to see in the coming year. The Customer Wants it NOW – There’s a revolution rumbling into gear in last mile logistics. Here’s a look at how this crucial segment could change in 2018. The Full (Truckload) Story – The truckload industry is seeing strong demand and is finally in a position of strength with shippers again. But will other industry headwinds prevent rates from continuing to rise? UPS and FedEx GRIs – Things have changed. The announced GRIs from FedEx and UPS mean shippers should reevaluate their routing guides. Click through below to read QReview.

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