The Digital Tipping Point: Achieving Superior Insight & Agility

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In his session “The Digital Tipping Point” at the American Aerospace & Defense Summit in 2016, Matthew Cordner, Director, Global ERP and Business Intelligence at Textron Inc., told the audience that, “For many companies in mature markets, excellent product performance is no longer a differentiator, it merely earns you the right to compete.” What differentiates a company, he argues, is their ability to provide superior insight and agility. Cordner provided Netflix and Dell as examples. Though these companies did not sell especially superior products to what was already on the market, it was innovation in their supply chains that allowed them to be successful. Netflix, which began by delivering rental DVD’s to customers, improved on the Blockbuster model by selling the same product but getting it to customers faster and more conveniently. They were able to collect tremendous amounts of data that allowed them to not only to go digital and recommend content to viewers but also produce that content and capture more value from their products.

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