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How to Set Up a Demand Driven Supply Chain: Moving from Push to Pull to Meet Customer Needs

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Q&A with Reveal Value Prior to the American Supply Chain Summit 2019, we spoke with Reveal Value to discuss how companies can set up a demand-driven supply chain and move from push to pull in order to meet customer needs. In this Q&A, we address what steps companies need to take in order to reap the full benefits of a supply chain that is driven by demand, the key benefits of a mature supply chain, and how companies can leverage digitization to stay competitive. This is an excerpt from the Q&A we did with Reveal Value: “How can companies use digitization to stay competitive in an ever-changing landscape? Digitization helps connect processes and applications across multiple functional areas to sense and respond more quickly to customer needs and deliver value that is focused on outcomes. It changes how employees work by using intelligent technologies and reliable data to drive new levels of productivity and efficiency.”

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