Using IoT To Become An Informed Manufacturer: The Why and How

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The inter-connectivity of objects is generating unprecedented opportunities for innovation within industrial and consumer markets.  IoT (Internet of things) defines this new connectivity.  Sensors embedded within objects allow them to communicate with each other while continually gathering and transmitting large volumes of data about the current state of the object and its surroundings.

Whether it be the communication of  a heart sensor with a health monitor, the communication of a car engine with the display dashboard or the coordination of transportation fleets based on their current location, IoT is changing the way individuals, businesses and industries interact with the world around them.  From an industrial perspective, IoT can enable streamlined processes, labor cost reductions and increased productivity through connectivity and automation.

Manufacturers will be able to reap great rewards from these new technologies, as IoT may be applied across multiple segments throughout the manufacturing value chain.  Cognizant, a global leader in business and technology services, has created a fantastic whitepaper that explains how IoT enables informed manufacturing and how manufacturers can jump-start their IoT journey.

The Cognizant whitepaper (below) breaks down the 4 elements in informed manufacturing organizations; informed products, processes, people and infrastructure. It describes the promise of and potential uses of IoT within manufacturing and also explains the steps that manufacturers should take on their road to becoming an informed manufacturing organization.


To hear more from Cognizant, join them at Booth #15 at the American Manufacturing Summit 2016 taking place next month in Chicago!

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