4 Critical Steps to Becoming a High-Performance Organization

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High-performance organizations optimize the use of their resources, adopt lean initiatives and processes, boost annual efficiency gains and achieve organizational goals. As the manufacturing landscape becomes more complex, manufacturers must adapt to new models of excellence to remain agile and competitive.

Leadership is a key factor in achieving operational excellence.  To take a closer look at how leadership will effect organizational excellence, we turned to our friends at TBM Consulting, a global operations management consulting firm that maximizes enterprise value and accelerates growth by working with clients to leverage operational excellence. Last year, TBM conducted an ‘Operational Expertise Leadership Survey’ to identify the largest and most common gaps in fundamental leadership skill-sets. TBM found that organizations struggle with 2 main issues within their leadership teams; issues with management systems and processes, or with actual leadership skills and behaviors (or both).

We are fortunate enough to have TBM share their findings with us in the whitepaper below. In the following whitepaper, TBM discusses the survey results and identifies 4 critical steps to close the ‘skill-set gap’ in leadership and become a high-performance organization.

tbmTBM Identifying-and-addressing-your-in-house-operational-expertise-leadership-gaps

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