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Millennials Don’t Want to Work at Google?

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3M knows a thing or two about attracting Millennials to the workforce! In 2016 they took the number one spot from Google as a preferred workplace for millennials, according to an NSHSS (National Society of High School Scholars) survey published in Forbes magazine. In light of this success, we are thrilled to have David Kadrie, VP, Lean Six Sigma join us at the upcoming American Supply Chain Summit to discuss the best strategies to attract and retain millennial talent. In addition to their success managing the skills gap, 3M recently announced better than expected quarterly profits in January due to cost containment efforts. David has led an innovative team through their restructuring efforts to lower operating expenses and achieve better than expected results. What are you doing on April 24th – 25th? Join us for the American Supply Chain Summit in Orlando, Florida to hear first-hand case studies and strategies from some of the world’s leading practitioners!  

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