Sustaining a Culture of Continuous Improvement

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Implementing lean initiatives can be a challenge, but sustaining them is even harder. As Mark Reich, COO of the Lean Enterprise Institute, told the crowd at the American Manufacturing Summit, “to be sustainable, it has to be more than a program. As long as it’s a program, it’s not going to be sustainable. Because as soon as whoever’s program it is leaves, it’s not going to sustain. So it has to be built into the company’s fundamental way of doing business.” In other words, it needs to become part of the culture. Once you have made the case for change and built the concept of continuous improvement into the culture of your organization, it is leadership’s responsibility to continue to nurture this culture. In his presentation, “Culture: The Definitive Piece in your CI Journey,” at the American Manufacturing Summit, Mark Gooch, GVP, Operations & Lean Enterprise at Pentair, gave the following tips to the audience on sustaining a culture of continuous improvement.

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Lean Implementation throughout the Supply Chain

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So you’ve been successful at implementing your own lean initiative, but now you’re being squeezed by your customers, who want lower prices and higher quality, and your shareholders who want higher profits. How do you satisfy both stakeholders?   Generis thought leaders from Navistar, Under Armour, Toyota, the Lean Enterprise Institute, and Wabash Corporation share how they have worked with their suppliers to implement lean throughout the supply chain to decrease cost and improve product quality. 

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How Does Technology fit with your Lean Initiative?

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With rapid innovation and the proliferation of data, technology promises improvements in nearly every area of manufacturing. The implications for increased efficiency are tremendous, but our experts warn that technology will not solve all your lean problems. At our 2016 American Manufacturing Summit, we spoke to some lean leaders about how you should think of technology within the framework of your lean initiative. The consensus is that while technology can be a great complement to your lean initiatives, providing you with insights you wouldn’t otherwise have, it cannot entirely replace the human aspects of lean. Learn what they had to say on this topic. 

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Lean Six Sigma and ERP: Putting it All Together for Improved Performance

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It’s common for manufacturers to perceive Lean Six Sigma and ERP as contrasting approaches. They often see them as “mutually exclusive” with competing goals and objectives. This informative paper looks at the characteristics of the three approaches. After downloading, you’ll be able to identify the differences and similarities of each. Discover the techniques to combine Lean, Six Sigma and ERP for an effective journey of continuous improvement that leads to improved business performance. “LEAN CALLS INTO PLAY TOOLS THAT ASSIST IN THE IDENTIFICATION AND STEADY ELIMINATION OF WASTE.” Find out more by downloading this white paper here.

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Optimize Your Lean! Marry 5S Programs, Kanban Systems and Kamishibai

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You may be familiar with how 5S Programs, Kanban Systems and Kaizan Events help drive your lean manufacturing processes, but how familiar are you with the Art of Kamishibai? Once standardized work has been developed and documented, how does your company ensure that it’s sustained?  This is where kamishibai comes in. Check out the infographic below, courtesy of Phase 2 Medical, to understand how kamishibai is implemented and how it can enhance your lean manufacturing efforts. The Art of Kamishibai in Medical Device Manufacturing Interested in finding out more? Contact Phase 2 Medical for more information. If you are attending the American Medical Device Summit in Chicago this October, don’t forget to stop by Booth #30 to say hello to Phase 2 Medical in person!

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