The 3PO Model: Opening the Door to Profitability & Creating Sustainable Transformation

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Q&A with EngiLifeSciences Daniel Martinez is a 30-year veteran as an international management consultant with vast experience developing and implementing large-scale people-oriented performance programs and strategic interventions with Fortune 500 companies globally. Currently, Daniel is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at EngiLifeSciences. In this role, Daniel is focused on engaging and creating awareness with Executives on opportunities, insights and trends in the industry. In March 2019, Daniel will join over 250 industry peers at the American Manufacturing Summit to exchange ideas around the impact of market dynamics and new technologies for current and future manufacturing, operations and supply chain leaders. Prior to the summit, Generis spoke with Daniel to discuss the 3PO model and how manufacturers can achieve operational excellence by implementing this methodology. In this eBook, we examine the benefits of leveraging the 3PO model, what manufacturers must do to onboard 3PO and the barriers and trends that impact a company’s operational effectiveness.

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