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Managing Complex Pharma Projects

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As the pharmaceutical landscape is evolving to adjust to external effects, the demand for efficiency within the internal pharma industry is at a high. Praxis Life Sciences, who is reputable for analyzing challenges within an industry workforce and creating solutions based on quantitative and qualitative research has just released a new beneficial case study to the pharma industry. Their consultation within the life sciences field has a track record of proven results, and their most recent study, Managing Complex Pharma Projects, is no exception to this. The challenge that most pharma companies are currently facing is the inefficiency created by having a large project team with “disparate decision makers.” Praxis Life Sciences has analyzed this problem, and created solutions ensuring that ” decisions and progress are made in a timely fashion.” To learn more about the results of their case study, click here.

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Infographic: 8 Types of Meeting Personalities

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Meeting Misery: Meeting Makeover Edition  This year in Corporate America–that’s your company and mine–we are going waste over $37 Billion attending meetings. It is well documented that meetings are a source of pain and great frustration due to high levels of inefficiency and ineffectiveness. Over the last 25 years, we have identified the eight most common meeting personalities that create this Meeting Misery! Find out more about the 8 types of meeting personalities below. Competitive Solutions, Inc. has a three step Meeting Makeover Solution to be applied to a single team, a specific department, or an entire organization. Find out how to get these 8 personalities out of your meetings, and end your meeting misery today! Shane Yount, Principal & Author at Competitive Solutions, will also be speaking on Business Bootcamp – Driving Greater Execution, Engagement, And Ultimately, Earnings! at our Amerian Manufacturing Summit taking place March 28-29th in Chicago, IL. View the full infographic below!

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Executive Interviews and Visioning: Launching the Business Case for Change

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One of the first steps in beginning an ERP project and launching the business case for change is to determine why change is necessary. Through our on-site meetings with this client, we were able to identify a few key areas that would be improved upon by a modern enterprise application system. In the article below, you will be able to identify key areas in a business that would benefit from a modern enterprise application system including: Customer Focus; Business Processes; Organizational Change Management Strategy (OCM); Revenues; Data Cleansing and Storing; and Automation. Ultra Consultants’ goal is to determine how an ERP system would add value to a business after assessing the needs of the business beforehand. For more information, please read the full article below!

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Q&A eBook with Competitive Solutions, Inc. – TEAMS 2.0 – REBOOTING TEAM ENGAGEMENT AND EXECUTION

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In many organizations today, team functionality is actually working against overall business success and efficiency. Organizations have become a slave to team models that are inefficient, unproductive, and bureaucratic. At Generis’ American Manufacturing Summit 2017 taking place on March 28-29th in Chicago, IL, Competitive Solutions, Inc. will be challenging attendees to examine their current operating system and team functionality, while providing proven and practical solutions for improvement. Download the Q&A eBook with Competitive Solutions, Inc. below to discover solutions to rebooting team engagement and execution below!

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Performance Behavior: the Lean Methodology for Continuously Improving Performance Behavior

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The book ‘Performance Behavior’ (by Neil Webers) describes how an organization can link performance to behavior to minimize waste and optimize performance behavior. 8 FORMS OF HUMAN-WASTE  are outlined which obstruct continuous improvement: Leadership-waste the result from too much push-management (based on authority) Comfort-waste the result of targets that aren’t enough stretching Communication-waste the result of misunderstandings that usually originate from meetings Discipline-waste the result when people are not being held accountable for not adhering to standards Goal-waste the result of employees having no idea of what is expected of them Engagement-waste the result of asking people to take responsibility for events or results which they cannot influence themselves Solving-waste the waste of capacity to solve problems when people work on solving problems without focusing on the root-cause of a problem Tuning-waste is the waste where people talk about different problems or solutions Find out more below!

How to Build Your Quality Nirvana

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Quality management is an integral factor in the development, approval and commercialization of medical devices. With the 2016 American Medical Device Summit quickly approaching, we took a moment to sit down with one of the summit presenters, Kari Miller, Vice President of Regulatory and Product Management at Pilgrim Quality Solutions, to gather her insights on the challenges and opportunities in quality management and explore some best practices to create a Quality Nirvana. Check out the eBook below!

5 Operational Leadership Skills to Develop

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  We have addressed the importance of operational excellence in a number of past posts and have discussed the key role that leadership plays in maintaining competitiveness in the current tumultuous environment.  The whitepaper  below builds on the information we have already explored by defining the more refined skills needed by today’s modern operational leaders. In the whitepaper below TBM Consulting, a firm that specializes in maximizing enterprise value and growth potential for their clients, shares their insights into the five skills needed for the modern operational leader.   For more insights, join TBM Consulting at the American Manufacturing Summit 2016 taking place in Chicago on February 29th – March 1st!  Be sure to stop by their booth, Booth #14!

4 Critical Steps to Becoming a High-Performance Organization

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High-performance organizations optimize the use of their resources, adopt lean initiatives and processes, boost annual efficiency gains and achieve organizational goals. As the manufacturing landscape becomes more complex, manufacturers must adapt to new models of excellence to remain agile and competitive. Leadership is a key factor in achieving operational excellence.  To take a closer look at how leadership will effect organizational excellence, we turned to our friends at TBM Consulting, a global operations management consulting firm that maximizes enterprise value and accelerates growth by working with clients to leverage operational excellence. Last year, TBM conducted an ‘Operational Expertise Leadership Survey’ to identify the largest and most common gaps in fundamental leadership skill-sets. TBM found that organizations struggle with 2 main issues within their leadership teams; issues with management systems and processes, or with actual leadership skills and behaviors (or both). We are fortunate enough to have TBM share their findings with us in the whitepaper below. In the following whitepaper, TBM discusses the survey results and identifies 4 critical steps to close the ‘skill-set gap’ in leadership and become a high-performance organization. TBM Identifying-and-addressing-your-in-house-operational-expertise-leadership-gaps Join TBM Consulting at the American Manufacturing Summit 2016 taking place in Chicago on February 29th – March 1st!  Be sure to stop by their booth, Booth #14!  

How fit is your organization?

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Many organizations struggle with executing their short and mid-term strategies due to organizational gaps. Achieving strategic objectives and transforming to a culture of enterprise excellence requires a revolution in organizational design that is often very complex. EFESO Consulting, a global consultancy specializing in operational excellence, has taken the time to outline 6 key steps that organizations can take to build the ‘holistic fitness’ needed to thrive in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environments. In the following Whitepaper Virginie Fiacre, Principal at EFESO Consulting draws a playful parallel between corporate and physical fitness to illustrate this process of change and describe the steps an organization can take to ‘get in to shape’ Building a Fit to Win Organization Find out more about EFESO Consulting and how you can build your strategy for success>>