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5 Rules of Engagement for Breakout Performance

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Whether you work at a small tech startup or a large, established manufacturer, there is an implicit understanding that business success can be easily quantified. Whether you are a CEO or a sales representative, the common wisdom is that there are identifiable numbers that can objectively determine if you are a success or a failure. In a world full of endless layers of nuance and opinion, tangible metrics of business performance are irresistibly attractive. However, there are serious limitations to taking such a binary approach to measuring success. This black and white approach to measuring business success is actually counterproductive, particularly if the goal is to achieve transformative performance improvement.

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Best Business Books: Recommendations from Generis Thought Leaders

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From time to time, our thought leaders will mention books that stuck with them for some reason or another and have influenced the way they approach their organization and their own careers. If you are looking for a great gift for a business-minded person, try one of these titles!

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