Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories PSS Insourcing Solutions

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Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories PSS Insourcing Solutions is a program that places a team of experts in the client’s laboratories with access to their quality systems in order to execute a project in the client’s scope of work. By adopting this insourcing approach, organizations are able to benefit from the expertise of an experienced laboratory testing provider, while reducing costs as they continue to keep projects, methods and analytical techniques in-house. With more than a 55-year track record of scientific and laboratory operations expertise, PSS ensures that each team of experts are top quality and selectively chosen for the appropriate project. This in-house approach is preferred by pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies as opposed to hiring temporary staff. Temporary staff solutions result in valuable resources being used for recruitment, training, and managerial purposes, which could be redistributed to another area. Temporary staff also often result in conflicts with long-term needs, European regulations, and strict IRS guidelines. Benefits of insourcing include lower headcount, avoiding high turnover, condensing product development cycles, flexibility and more. PSS’s Insourcing Solutions has grown exponentially, currently, employing more than 1,500 employees, as well as serving clients in 15 countries at more than 70 different sites worldwide. You can find more information on the PSS’s Insourcing solutions in their ebook here. For more information on Eurofins, visit their website here.  

Averna’s Q&A Ebook: How the Internet of Things is Transforming the Medical Device Industry

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The ‘Internet of Things’ is transforming the medical world, allowing more patients to be looked after using real time data. Combining Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities with current technology is allowing for a faster, more resourceful and satisfying experience for both patients and employees. With the Internet of Things(IoT) reinventing the technological landscape so rapidly, companies are struggling to keep up with the latest innovations. Companies must now test the wireless capabilities of all their medical devices to ensure their products feature seamless connectivity. With more tests being conducted and the rise of IoT, competing companies have introduced robots to automate processes in order to reduce costs. Robotic-driven production has become more economical, as robots can perform routine tasks without fatigue at a faster pace. So, how can OEMs in the medical world stay ahead of their competition with all this technological development? One way is to work with a company that excels at Design for Test (DFT) and design for manufacturing (DFM). Companies can also capture and analyze up-to-date test data. For more ways to stay ahead of the competition despite the constant changes in technology and for a deeper understanding of IoT and its impact on the medical device industry, read Averna’s Q&A Ebook here. Averna is a worldwide Test & Quality leader. Their talented team includes hundreds of engineers, system architects, developers, project managers and other professionals, as well as a network of partners such as National Instruments, Keysight Technologies …

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Flexible Circuit’s Ebook: Information and Applications for the Medical Device Market

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Flexible Circuit’s ebook explores and identifies solutions to the following industry challenges: How have intelligent devices(and the ability to share realtime data) driven significant growth of electronics within the medical device market? What is driving the significant use and growth of Flexible Circuits (FPCs) in the medical device market? What are the key considerations in choosing an FPC manufacturer? How can organizations attain cost savings when using flexible printed circuits? To view their full e-book, click here.  

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Let Solid Designs help you develop new products & create manufacturing solutions!

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Solid Design Solutions provides assistance with the development of new products and creates manufacturing solutions for a number of industries, which include: consumer, medical, specialty machines and industrial. Some of their areas of expertise include: Control engineering Project management Manufacturing engineering Industrial design Software Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Product Development Research Drafting More details on the type of services they offer can be found here: Solid Design Solutions Website:  

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Armanino’s All-in-One Financial Planning and Analysis

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Armanino LLP, an adaptive insights partner of the year, has conducted an All-in-One Financial Planning and Analysis. Their “Adaptive Insights solutions, such as Adaptive Planning, will fundamentally change how your business addresses financial planning with an all-in-one budgeting, reporting, business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM) solution.” Adaptive Insights is available for the following industries: Software & SaaS Companies, higher education, non-profits, professional services firms and life sciences. For more information, click here.

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The Cognition Cockpit Platform as Saas Whitepaper

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Cognition Corporation‘s “The Cognition Cockpit Platform as Saas‘” white paper identifies “key features of enterprise-level SaaS solutions and how the Cockpit platform implements them. The white paper reviews the benefits of Cockpit SaaS for product development teams, including: – Low cost and flexible payment options – Cloud security measures that meet or exceed SSAE 16 and electronic signature controls that comply with 21 CFR Part 11 – Capabilities for remote team management.”   For more information on their white paper, click here.

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QReview: Supply Chain News You Can Use

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Transportation Impact, a 4-time Inc. 5000 company, comes from humble beginnings. In 2008, Keith Byrd and Travis Burt, both then senior-level managers at UPS, left the world’s largest shipping company after nearly two decades, respectively, to launch their own start-up with the mission of providing clients with the most competitive small package contracts in the country. The QReview is a magazine that highlights Transportation Impact’s Quarterly Review learnings and is filled with supply chain news that delves into specific strategies, statistics, and stories relevant to the supply chain industry. Take a look inside and find out how to overcome market challenges, look for optimization opportunities, and more below! Subscribe to QReview here. 

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Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) for Medical Devices

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For medical device manufacturers, advancing and maintaining information management solutions that are compliant with an evolving set of FDA regulatory standards is a constant challenge. As you strive to manufacture high-quality medical devices, you need an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that can help you minimize compliance risk, as you maintain profitability, drive efficiencies, and streamline all parts of your business. This article will delve into: Upholding GMP quality standards; Maintaining regulatory compliance; Using integrated electronic records; and Meeting regulatory requirements. To find out more about how to reduce compliance risks and meet regulatory requirements, check out the white paper by Copley Consulting Group below:

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White Paper: 2013 North American Test Asset Management Solutions for Aerospace & Defense Customer Value Enhancement Award

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With the present economic uncertainty, companies across all sectors in North America are increasingly being faced with a challenge to reduce their overall costs. Companies in the aerospace and defense sector, in particular, are striving to differentiate themselves in order to compete more efficiently in an environment characterized by decreasing defense spending. In such a scenario, a primary concern for these companies is to improve their engineering productivity. This white paper focuses on the Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement, an award that is presented every year to a company that has demonstrated excellence when it comes to implementing strategies that proactively create value for its customers. There is also a focus on improving the return on the investment that customers make in its services or products. The Sente Group has been chosen as the worthy recipient of the 2013 Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award in the North American Test Asset Management market for Aerospace & Defense. Focusing on serving the needs of the aerospace and defense sector, Sente offers a range of solutions to help organizations manage their test assets and resources more efficiently and cost-effectively. Find out about more key factors that are contributing to Sente’s success below! 

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Infographic: Fact-Based Negotiation to Get the Best Price on Purchased Components

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Conducting fact-based negotiations is an effective cost reduction strategy when sourcing components. The infographic below explains how to leverage a product cost management (PCM) platform to conduct more effective fact-based negotiations. Check out the full infographic below! aPriori’s product costing software generates detailed cost estimates and connects all members of your product team to relevant views of cost data – from sales to supplier, from concept to customer. Hear more from aPriori by joining the discussion at the American Aerospace & Defense Summit on December 6-7 in Scottsdale, Arizona.