Does Data Help or Hamper Your Ability to Execute Effectively?

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Winning the game requires you to manage the details in short increment time intervals. For a fast/short cycle time business, if you learned that you missed the day at the end of the day, it’s too late to do much about it. But if you had the ability to measure and address performance in hourly or shorter time frames, there’s time to take action to ensure you meet the day’s goals. To learn more about data-driven daily management, check out this eguide by Dploy Solutions! 

Sonoco ThermoSafe Expands Range of LD7 Pallet Shippers for Temperature-Sensitive Bulk Air Shipment

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Sonoco ThermoSafe, a unit of Sonoco (NYSE:SON) and a leading global provider of temperature assurance packaging, leverages award winning technology to expand its line of pallet solutions with the launch of the LD7 Half PAG pallet shipper. The Half PAG solution is designed to ship multiple pallet loads, while reducing the cost and operational complexity of bulk shipments by optimizing the use of aircraft ULDs (LD7 air pallets). The Half PAG is available for 2-8°C or 15-25°C temperature ranges with durations in excess of five days. Each solution has a universal pack-out design to be used in both hot and cold seasons while also accommodating the demands of cross-hemispheric shipments. To learn more about LD7 Half PAG Pallet Shippers, Check out this article by Sonoco! 

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Q&A with Intermex Industrial Parks: Sourcing Challenges and Solutions for Manufacturers in North America

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In this Q&A eBook, find out how to thrive in an industry where production costs are soaring and the competition is cutthroat. Also, learn how to become a lean organization, thrive in a fast-paced world, enhance quality, and apply strategic sourcing operations. If North American manufacturers want to outsource, leaders have to change their mindset to adapt to a worldwide view and use geographic diversity to their advantage. When a company is doing well and the idea of change comes up, it may be difficult to allow that in a culture of complacency. -Intermex Find out more about sourcing challenges and solutions for manufacturers in North America from Intermex in the Q&A eBook below! 

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Presentation: Metal Powder, Aerostructures, and Additive Manufacturing

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Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is the process of synthesizing a three-dimensional object. The object is created using sequential layers of material, formed under computer control. Additive manufacturing is really the process of the future, as it can be used across industries. The Hoeganaes Corporation is on the forefront of innovation when it comes to additive manufacturing, as Hoeganaes has created AncorAM, a new family of products focused on high-tech materials for additive manufacturing. Hoeganaes is also: The world’s largest manufacturer of sintered components and a leading producer of metal powder. A leading tier one supplier of Aerostructures and engine products and systems to the global aerospace industry. The leading tier one supplier of automotive driven systems and solutions to the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. A leading supplier of powder managements products and solutions for agriculture, construction, mining, and industrial equipment. See the full presentation below for more information about the Hoeganaes Corporation and these manufacturing processes.

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Article: A global leader in metal powder production targets Additive Manufacturing

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The growth in metal Additive Manufacturing has attracted a wide range of companies to enter the market to supply metal powders, however, few have the track record of Hoeganaes Corporation in the production of powders for industrial parts production. In the following article, the company reports on the development of gas atomised titanium powders for metal AM, along with its ambitions to introduce more cost effective water atomised powders that have the potential to help the industry move towards higher volume production. As a leading supplier to the global automotive industry, Hoeganaes is keen to advance the development of water atomisation technology for AM iron powders and it has launched research programs with key customers. Find out more about quality control in Additive Manufacturing (AM), titanium powders for AM, reducing costs with advanced water atomisation technology, and more in the full article below!

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NEWS RELEASE: GKN to form new joint venture to produce titanium powder for additive manufacturing

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GKN Hoeganaes has agreed to enter into a joint venture agreement with TLS Technik to manufacture titanium powders in North America for Additive Manufacturing (AM) applications. Find out more about this venture below! 

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Aerospace & Defense: Failure Here is Not an Option

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About Eltek Eltek, a Nistec company, is a leading provider of complex Rigid and Flex-Rigid Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Established in 1970, Eltek (NASDAQ: ELTK) is an ISO-9100, NADCAP and ITAR certified, high technology printed circuit board manufacturer. Eltek specializes in quick turn prototypes and medium production. With its 380 employees, Eltek turns dreams into a reality for a broad range of companies with regard to communication, medical, military, security, industrial, vehicle, and more. The Eltek Way To Success Focus on value added engineering methods. Search for and use advanced based material. Continuously invest in state of the art equipment and manufacturing techniques. Implement state-of-art technologies as a derivative of the market requirements. Share with our accumulated engineering knowledge. Become your vendor of choice. James M. Barry: President Eltek USA Inc. Join James M. Barry at a Lunch & Learn Round-Table Discussion at our American Aerospace & Defense Summit, 2016, taking place December 6-7th in Scottsdale, AZ. James’s presentation will focus on Early Design Involvement for Maximum First Pass Yields Utilising “Complex Rigidflex Technology.” 

The Digitization of Manufacturing: A Framework for Transformation

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  Technology plays a major role in efficient manufacturing and the early adoption of emerging technologies can lead to a significant competitive advantage.  As a result many manufacturers are looking towards digitization to drive profitability and maintain competitiveness. Cognizant, a leading provider of information technology, consulting and business process outsourcing services, has generated the in-depth whitepaper below to help guide manufacturers on their journey to digital transformation. The whitepaper looks at the challenges and opportunities that manufacturers face in the current environment and cites several industry examples to highlight how innovative manufacturers, such as Mercedes-AMG and Dow Chemical, are using technology to enhance their productivity and efficiency.  In the whitepaper Cognizant defines the four mandates that should be adopted by manufacturers seeking to take advantage of emerging technologies and outlines a practical transformation road-map that is built on their digital maturity framework. To hear more from Cognizant, join the discussion at the American Manufacturing Summit 2016 taking place on February 29th – March 1st in Chicago!  

How to take Additive Manufacturing from Prototyping to Production

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Additive manufacturing technologies will revolutionize industrial manufacturing over the next few years.  Manufacturers such as GE and 3M are already leveraging 3D printing technologies for product prototyping and direct parts production. Beyond product prototyping, Cognizant, a global leader in business and technology services, believes that manufacturers will be able to reduce time to market, improve quality, shorten supply chains and achieve production at scale through the adoption of additive manufacturing techniques. To help guide and inform manufacturers, Cognizant has developed a maturity model and assessment framework that enables informed decision-making on additive manufacturing adoption for volume production. In the whitepaper below Cognizant addresses the key challenges and opportunities in adopting additive manufacturing and outlines the framework required. Printing the Future From Prototype to Production To hear more from Cognizant, join them at Booth #15 at the American Manufacturing Summit 2016 taking place next month in Chicago!