Temptime Ebook: Key Issues in t he Storage & Transportation of Temperature-Sensitive Medical Product s

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Temptime innovates cost effective monitoring solutions for environmentally sensitive products to ensure supply chain integrity, protect patients and benefit communities globally. The emergence of the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive medical products has given Temptime the expertise and knowledge to resolve prevalent issues in this field. Temptime has narrowed down the key issues to the following: – Evolving Regulatory Oversight – Customer Complaints & Patient Safety – Impact on Financial Performance Temptime has identified that organizations have a challenge balancing the requirements of regulators and the needs of patients when adhering the temperature monitoring regulations. Another challenge is reducing costs and positively impacting the financial performance of a company. Temptime has unique solutions that can significantly reduce product returns and gain a competitive advantage in the market by enhancing the customer experience. For more information on key issues and solutions in the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive medical products and solutions, read Temptime’s ebook here. To visit their website, click here.

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Flexible Circuit’s Ebook: Information and Applications for the Medical Device Market

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Flexible Circuit’s ebook explores and identifies solutions to the following industry challenges: How have intelligent devices(and the ability to share realtime data) driven significant growth of electronics within the medical device market? What is driving the significant use and growth of Flexible Circuits (FPCs) in the medical device market? What are the key considerations in choosing an FPC manufacturer? How can organizations attain cost savings when using flexible printed circuits? To view their full e-book, click here.  

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Enabling the Use of Engineered Plastics in Medical Device Manufacturing

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Plasma is a versatile tool that is capable of designing controlled interfaces on a variety of materials used in medical device manufacturing. This includes replacing conventional multistep wet chemistries. Plasma gives the medical device designer freedom to separate mechanical, optical, and fabrication techniques from the surface requirements that often require compromises in cost and performance. Check out the PlasmaTreat whitepaper below for insights on enabling the use of engineered plastics in medical device manufacturing.

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